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Environment and tourism

Cadaqués, located in Cap de Creus, is a place of great beauty; it is 40 km from Figueres, 16 km from Roses, 20 km from Llançà, 1 hour from Girona, 2 hours from Barcelona and 1 hour from Perpignan.


The arrival in Cadaqués leaves no one indifferent. The mountainous landscape, the fading Pyrenees, want to take a bath in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and here, witnessing the Tramuntana, an old fishing-farming village looks at it patiently with an awkward beauty which makes different feelings spring up… Lots of artists have perceived the magical attraction of the landscape in Cadaqués over time, the singularity of this place and some of them have turned it into their capital.Dalí must have been the most undeniable example, but Picasso, Lorca, Buñuel, Eugeni d’Ors, Pitxot and others loved it and remembered it in their works.

The village of Cadaqués is in the little peninsula of Cap de Creus, the most eastern land in the Iberian Peninsula. The reef of the Maça d’Oros Island is the first land of the peninsula to see the sunrise in the morning. Over the last few years, as a souvenir of the old people who worshipped the sun, the first day of the year there is a welcome celebration for the new sun, the sun of the new year, where sardanes (traditional Catalan dance) are danced; a dance which reminds of some ancient ritual dances honoring the sun. The coast is rough, with fantastic cliffs, rocks with curious forms and little golden sand inlets, where the vacationers hide in summer.